403(b) Regulations

Final 2007 regulations – read the full text here.


401(k) Regulations

Read the current 401(k) regulations here.


Our Guidance

Disaster tax relief updates: IRS announces temporary flexibility for hardship withdrawals and loans.

Did you know the IRS regularly announces temporary relief for taxpayers and businesses when a natural disaster hits? Usually, this means extended tax filing deadlines for people in the affected areas, but sometimes – as with hurricanes Harvey and Irma – the relief is more significant. Read the latest news here.


Amending a Safe Harbor Plan Mid-Year. 

Safe harbor contributions allow you to skip testing for elective deferrals (401(k))  and matching contributions (401(k) and 403(b). Read more here.

Fiduciary Obligations and Correction of Common Mistakes.

What are your fiduciary obligations, and what happens if you make a mistake administering your plan? Well, it depends. Attorneys George Chimento and Jessica Stanford led a webinar for a group of 403(b) plan sponsors discussing some of the major issues – look through our presentation to see what we talked about here.