Chimento & Webb, P.C.

Trusted Employee Benefits Counsel

Focused on ERISA, Executive Compensation, & Employee Benefits

Chimento & Webb, P.C. is a greater Boston-based firm which practices exclusively in the areas of employee benefits, ERISA, and executive compensation.

The Firm’s clients represent the finest in eastern United States. They range from the New York Stock Exchange to our most prominent private and tax-exempt institutions, including banks, hospitals, large medical groups, and union-negotiated multiemployer plans.

Examples of the Firm’s clients include:

  • Sponsors of qualified retirement plans
  • Sponsors of health plans, welfare benefits, cafeteria and split-dollar arrangements
  • Boards considering executive contracts and executive-level benefits
  • Corporate acquirers or targets
  • Professional fiduciaries requiring ERISA and executive compensation counsel
  • Trustees of multiemployer plans